Age & Weight Limits
Cheer & Dance
Coosa Valley Rules

(1) The Midget Squad is for children ages 5, 6, and 7. The Pee-Wee Squad is for children ages 8 and 9. The Jr. B Squad is for children ages 10, 11, & 12.  All children on these squads must be enrolled in the school they participate for.                                        

(2) Homecoming: The visiting cheerleading squads will be announced/introduced prior to the games. All homecoming activities for all squads (eg: homecoming courts, etc) must be performed before the start of the Midget game at 12:00 p.m. Ensure enough time is allotted before the game for homecoming activities wherein it does not interfere with the time the game is to start or the announcement/introduction of the visiting cheerleading squads. If you can complete your homecoming activities during the allotted 10 minute halftime, you may do so.

(3) All cheerleading and danceline squads are required to perform during the Jamboree games, regular season games, playoffs and Championship game. Cheerleaders will be announced before the game. Dancelines will perform at halftime.

(4) Home teams will not be responsible for providing free drinks to the visiting teams or cheerleading squads at halftime or at the end of the game. Providing free drinks will be an internal decision.

(5) The maximum amount of money which a sponsor can ask from their cheerleader/danceline parent(s) for entire uniform, insurance, etc, is $200.00. Uniforms should consist of shoes, socks, hair accessories, and of course uniforms. Wind suits/sweats may be purchased for cool weather as long as the $200.00 amount is not exceeded. All other items must be approved by the contact person.

(6) Fund-raisers are allowed (eg: selling doughnuts, car washes, etc.) under the direct supervision of adults. These events must be for a goal that is for the total group: boys and girls.

(7) All practices must be held in a well lit area and must have adult supervision. Practice should be for approximately 2 hours and NO practice after 7:30 pm. League teams may begin practice July 1st, other than Wednesday or Sunday, but practices will not be deemed mandatory.  Mandatory practices may begin on August 1, 2015. There will be no practices on your varsity game days once high school football games begin. 

(8) The Coosa Valley Football Association does not intend to tell you how to run your program, but we do expect you to follow the rules set by Coosa Valley.

(9) The contact person is responsible to ensure try-outs are done fairly and ample (at least 2 weeks) notification is given to each child (via flyers, school announcements, etc). These try-outs and clinics should be done before the school year ends. The contact person is responsible for obtaining judges who are fair and impartial. Should Coosa Valley determine try-outs were not done fairly, or cheating incurred, the contact person will be removed and that organization will not have try-outs, but each child that signs up will be accepted.

(10) Coosa Valley does not host cheerleader/danceline competition(s). Attending or participating in competition(s) must be approved by the organization's contact person and the Coosa Valley Rules Committee.

(11) Due to the liability of life-threatening, debilitating injuries, cheerleaders/danceline will not lift/build another child at any time. Should building/lifting occur, the contact person will immediately remove the sponsor and contact the Coosa Valley Rules Committee. The organization and/or sponsor will be held responsible, not Coosa Valley Football Association, should this rule be violated and a child is injured.

(12) Coosa Valley has ZERO tolerance for violence or the threat of violence. This means if you have a child on one of the football, cheerleading or danceline squads and you cause problems that Coosa Valley determines could or would lead, or even gives the appearance thereof, to violence or the threat of violence, your child will be removed from the program.

RULES TO LIVE BY: In any youth sports program, sportsmanship is a big part of the learning procedure. Cheerleader and Danceline sponsors are required to display good sportsmanship, good judgement, and professionalism at all times. If a cheerleader/danceline sponsor is ejected from the sidelines or stands by the referees, that sponsor will be removed from sponsoring. If a cheerleader/danceline participant is ejected, he/she must sit out the next game. The following acts will not be tolerated and will result in your being barred or action taken against you by Coosa Valley Football Association.

(A) Altercations in the presence of the squad.
(B) Drinking or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the presence of the squad.              
(C) Cursing by you or your squad.                                                                                        
(D) Unsportsmanlike conduct at any game.                                                                           
(E) Making a spectacle of yourself at any game or practice session.                                       
(F) Violation of any rules set by the Coosa Valley Football Association.